Sunday, January 21


I'm a little late with sharing the puzzle pictures with you, but they just made it to my computer yesterday. We started the puzzle on New Year's Day and finished it up an evening or two later. I insisted on putting this section together:

puzzle detail

The weather was pretty gray for a week or two after we finished the puzzle so I never ended up getting a decent photo of the whole thing. After having the puzzle on our dining room table for days, I finally broke, took a few not so great photos and put the puzzle away. I needed my table back. Here's another detail:

puzzle detail

And here's the whole thing:

the whole thing

Bad photo, but you get the idea. It was a pretty challenging puzzle. We just bought another one and I'm looking forward to working on it. Maybe it's totally dorky, but working on a puzzle in the evening is a nice way for me and Will to spend some quality time together that does not involve watching television!

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