Tuesday, January 23

magic carpet

magic carpet 1

Yes, I have a magic carpet! It was a holiday gift from my husband, and definitely one of my favorite gifts ever. Now if only I had a better place for it. Right now it is resting near my altar and the magic mirror that Steve gave us. Soon we will hardware floors again and the magic carpet will have a better resting place. Anyway, the carpet was made by the wonderful Haydee, a friend from the Werehouse. The other side is painted as well.

magic carpet 2

I love it. And so do the cats, though thankfully they just love sleeping on it and not clawing it. I think that they fly away on it at night and have many cat adventures, perhaps even trips to the Werehouse to visit Lily and The Mayor.

simon on the magic carpet

Simon in particular has an affinity for the carpet. He used to live at the Werehouse and seems to remain connected to it somehow. We also have a beautiful wooden bench that was a wedding gift, made from Werehouse wood and Simon absolutely loves it. When we first brought it home (to Brooklyn - this was a few years ago), he immediately hopped up on it and claimed it as his own. Yes, I find my cats - and really all cats - to be endlessly intriguing.

To change the subject, I have so many things that I still need to share and while I don't want to overload you with posts, I want to get caught up! Soon I will write about News Item #2 and share the NYE Polaroid self-portraits with you.

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