Sunday, February 24


[Polaroid Automatic 100 + Fuji FP-100C film]
I've been pretty tired all weekend, but I've still managed to get things accomplished which is nice. Friday afternoon, I knit for an hour and watched the season premiere of Southland. Then I decided to play around with making instant film transparencies and emulsion lifts. (Ben aka Bozowizard has been doing some lovely transparencies and it inspired me to do some experiments myself.) The transparencies look so easy, but they can be tricky. I started off with a color photo and proceeded to make a mess of it. I overheated it so the emulsion got bubbly and the photo I chose was really too dark to use in the way I was thinking anyway, so I gave up and used it for an emulsion lift instead. I tried one more transparency with a mistake photo and kind of messed it up again so I gave up and focused on emulsion lifts. Now those are a lot of fun and I have better luck with the process. It really just requires a bit of patience. I am hoping that, with practice, I can do something more creative with the lifts, but so far, I've just done the basic lifts. (I suppose this would all be more interesting if I had photos to share!)

At any rate, I really got caught up in the process and Will ended up being ready to go out before me! We just went up the street to our usual pub for beers and dinner. It was packed out and not entirely enjoyable (due to the noise level and being cramped at the bar), but we ate and had a beer with a friend before heading home. Our friend joined us at the house for awhile and I played records while we talked about music from our youth.

Saturday morning was freezing, but I went out for my usual run before getting started with the day. While running, I found some inspiration for tomorrow's Words To Shoot By which I thought I was going to skip. After lunch, it warmed up so I headed back to the park. The sun felt nice, but it's still too cold for instant film and I was a comedy of errors, trying to juggle cameras and stuff photos into my jacket and under my arm to stay warm. But I managed to get what I envisioned, more or less, so it wasn't a total bomb of a photo adventure. 

Word on the street is that silver shade films are easier for transparencies so I shot a couple while I was out. I let it sit for a few hours and then tried another transparencies, and sure enough, it worked! Definitely easier and I think I'll stick with silver shade for the time being when it comes to transparencies.

Right now all I really want to do is shoot instant film and it is frustrating because it's too cold to do much outside and I am lacking in ideas as well. This past week, I ended up using a whole pack on some tulips because I was so itchy to take photographs. And they are nice photos, but we all know how many flower photos I have so I don't want to do too much of that to get a fix. I also have a lot of expired film that I need to use before it gets too funky. So I need some warm weather and a plan.

Saturday evening, after a day of mudding walls and digging a ditch, Will was craving a steak salad with a side of green chile cheese fries. So back up the street we went. Our place was even more packed than the night before, but after a short wait, we managed to get a table in the back so our dinner was somewhat peaceful. This going out to dinner all the time is such a bad habit, but neither of us ever feel like cooking lately. (For the record, tonight we're having leftover pizza. Homemade pizza. And salad.)

This morning I felt even more exhausted than the previous morning, but I pushed through it and even made myself go on a run. I don't feel like I ever full woke up though. Sunday is my chore day so I did all kinds of fun vacuuming and mopping. Then I watched a bad movie and did some knitting.

And now here I am, wishing I could tell better tales of my weekend instead of this play-by-play way that I write. But I am not much of a storyteller and I just felt like catching up here. My intent to blog more often and to write in my journal everyday has completely fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks. 

Really all I needed to tell you is that I've had a nice weekend and I'm enjoying the hell out of all this photo stuff, mistakes and all.

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  1. I've skipped WTSB this time, I just couldn't get it together. :)


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