Friday, February 15


[Polaroid Spectra + Polaroid Softtone film]

I often wish that we lived on a hill or somewhere with an unimpeded view. We live in the middle of town, which is actually quiet convenient as I love being able to walk places, but it makes it hard to see a full blown sunset.

And really, I don't mind this small view that we have because when the light it is incredible, it is incredible no matter where you are. But I have to admit, I would really love it if those damn wires didn't run across the middle of the photos I take of sunsets. (I tend to take a lot of photos of this view, especially during the winter months when I am not shooting much of anything else.)

The light was incredible this evening and as I walked up the street to the pub, the sun was at back and bathed everything in front of me with a lovely orange glow. Walking at that time of the evening always feels so peaceful to me.
I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day in one way or another. My day was nothing special, but we have a lovely evening at home. Will grilled steaks and asparagus, and we turned a leftover baked potato into a twice backed potato. We shared a bottle of wine and topped it all off with fancy chocolate truffles with a hint of almond flavor. So good. And then I made him watch Overboard with me just because it was on.

Today I work at the gallery all day which I am not terribly excited about even though I know it is good for me to get out for the day. I've been at home A LOT the past few weeks. But this time of year is a slow time for tourism in Santa Fe which means not a lot of people stop in the gallery and it makes the day pass very slowly. I prefer having lots to do versus sitting around waiting for something to happen. No matter, I'll make the best of it, and who knows, maybe something exciting will happen.

This weekend we actually have plans for both Saturday and Sunday evenings which hasn't happened in a long time. I am sure it will all be fun, but I suspect it will also wear me out.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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  1. What a beautiful sunset! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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