Thursday, February 28

List no. 3 :: Favorite rock shows.

  1. PJ Harvey at Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC (2004)
  2. Arcade Fire at Webster Hall, NYC (2005)
  3. Patti Smith, Pittsburgh 
  4. AC/DC at the Civic Arena, Pittsburgh
  5. Sleater-Kinney at Mercury Lounge, NYC (2005)
  6. The Mekons, NYC, Pittsburgh, Chicago
  7. Motley Crue at Post-Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh (2006 or 2007)
  8. Waco Brothers at Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ (2002)
  9. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion at Golden West, Albuquerque (c. 1994)
  10. Smashing Pumpkins at Club Luna, Santa Fe (1993)
(A hard list to write and it could change based on my memory because I am sure I am forgetting something that really blew my mind. Also, this list does not include all the smaller bands that I've seen over the years and really loved. I could easily include just about every Oneida, Dirty Faces, JBB, Anita Fix, Working Poor and Oakley Hall show that I've ever seen. As well as every time I've gotten to see Jon Langford and/or Sally Timms.)

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  1. Alice Cooper Stage AE Pittsburgh 2012
    Jimmy Page Syria Mosque Pittsburgh 1988
    Bauhaus Agora Cleveland 2005
    Robyn Hitchcock Hazlett Pittsburgh 2008
    Ian Hunter Carnegie Theater Pittsburgh 2012

    I'm only gonna do five because if I do any more I'll end up with 100.


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