Thursday, February 21

List no. 2 :: Pets that I've had.

  1. King - a German Shepherd my dad had when I was first born.
  2. Butterball - my brother's hamster that mysteriously disappeared the night before we got Tigger.
  3. Tigger - not our first family cat, but the first one I remember well. We got him when I was around 4 and he was with us for 19 years.
  4. Retton - named for Mary Lou Retton. He was a super sweet orange cat and we were crushed when he disappeared.
  5. Bandit - he didn't last with us very long. I think he was peeing in the house. My mom gave him to a friend.
  6. Amaretto - named for the liqueur. He was a tough cat, an orange tortoise shell and lasted for 16 years. 
  7. Page - named for Jimmy Page. She was a calico and so so sweet. She disappeared when I went away to college.
  8. Dani - a black lab/Chow mix. She became my mom's favorite pet.
  9. Kashmir - named for the Led Zeppelin song. He was a sweet gray kitty who loved to play fetch. He once disappeared for two weeks but then showed back up one night when I was home from college on Thanksgiving break. He also lived to be 16 or 17.
  10. Jed - named for the Grateful Dead song, Tennessee Jed. He was a black, fluffy bad ass and quite the adventurer. He moved from Albuquerque to Pittsburgh with me. I had him for ten years before he chose another owner. It was a complicated situation and it still breaks my heart to think of him.
  11. Maggie - named for Maggie Cassidy (a novel by Jack Kerouac. She was a sweet white kitty with a black spot on her head. And her life was way too short.
  12. Rocky - initially named Lulu (for Louise Brookes), we changed his name to Rocky when we discovered he was actually a boy!
  13. Simon - Will got Simon in North Carolina before we met, but he's mine now too.
[My parents were actually not big on having a lot of pets and would have been content with one cat, but I was always bringing kittens home. And they told me not to bring the puppy home, but I did anyway and they thought she was so cute, they decided to keep her. Most of the cats and Dani became my parents' responsibility when I went off to college. When I left home, they still had Tigger, Amaretto, Page and Dani. Page disappeared my freshman year and Kashmir joined the family the following summer.] 


  1. My family always had dogs growing up, but when I was about 12 my dad brought home our first cat. At one point when I was in highschool, we had two dogs, one cat, a hamster and a bunch of fish. The most pets we ever had at one time. :D

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