Sunday, February 10

On the lighter side.

[PX 600 UV+ Black Frame film,  02/11 batch]

This photo makes me think of the sun rising so I decided to name it "the crack of dawn." I think it works.

Super honored and delighted that the lovely Jess Hibbard chose one of my photos to be included with her Impossible's Sunday Brunch selections.

Inspired by Downton Abbey and a friend who mentioned making cloches, I discovered and fell in love with this pattern. Super cute, right? I'm on my fifth one right now. I've given each one away so far, but I might keep this last one for myself. We'll see.

I've also been knitting striped totes to felt later in order to use up all the partial skeins that I have leftover from other felting projects.

With all of this knitting comes a lot of television watching. Mostly not so great stuff as I tend to choose shows that don't require my full attention when I am knitting. But it's all entertaining to me for the most part. A lot of SVU since there seem to be marathons  on one of the cable channels every other day.

Yesterday I watched a movie on Netflix called Goats. It's not a particularly good movie, but it did make me wish that I lived in the desert in Tucson, AZ. In a beautiful house with a pool and an amazingly landscaped yard.

I really, really want to get out-of-town. Not entirely sure where I want to go. Maybe some place in the east, maybe some place not too far from here. I just want to go. Want to meet me somewhere?

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  1. I kind of love it when an SVU marathon lands on a day when I have time off. :) And wait.... you made 5 hats already?! That's awesome!


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