Tuesday, June 29

Simon likes to get dirty.


Nothing better than rolling in the dirt, right? Well, okay, I don't really know about that, but it's definitely high on the "favorite things to do" lists of Simon and Rocky.

Over the past couple of weeks, Will has had packing blankets stacked on the front porch for days at a time. Within the first few days, we looked out and saw that Rocky had decided they were a good cat bed. He spent a lot of time napping out there. Eventually Simon caught on to the idea and one day I walked out to find him laying on a big pile of blankets as if he were the princess from the Princess and the Pea. These cats of mine, they never fail to crack me up. (Okay, so maybe there is no cracking up when they wake me up at three in the morning.)

Found some things this morning that have stuck with me all day. Like this amazing photo. (Truth be told, I could easily favorite every single one of caballosblancos' photos.)

And found via Polaroid Week on Twitter, the Polaroids of Tarkovsky. Definitely worth checking out.

I think there was a third thing that I wanted to share and now I can't remember what it was. Story of my life. Instead I will share this lovely photo that my friend Steph posted this afternoon. Love it. Really makes hope that we actually make it on a hike this week!


  1. Oh that's a very nice thing you said Juli... Grateful.

    Your cats are amazing!

    I don't take enough photos of my cats...

  2. Thanks...my cats are amazing! And some would say that I take way too many pictures of them. :)


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