Wednesday, June 2

Seeds and snaps and sales.

Yesterday I planted a lot of zinnia seeds.


A LOT. I put them in the front bed even though there's not much room in it anymore with the rosebush taking over. I just love seeing them when I walk up to the house so I had to squeeze some in. I put more on the other side of the coyote fence, like last year, and I planted a bunch behind the vegetables in the side yard. The soil along the edges isn't that great so we'll see what happens. If all goes well, I am going to have 5 or 6 different zinnia patches.

I also planted my cucumber seeds. I've never planted them before and I wasn't quite sure how to "hill" them so I don't know if I did it right. They are a compact variety and can be grown in containers as well so I put a few in some extra pots just for good measure. Maybe we'll get at least one cucumber. My mom gave me a pack of shasta daisies seeds that I put in the "sandbox". I still need to find something bigger to put in there. Although now the cats are using it as a litter box so I am thinking maybe I should let them have it so they don't poop in the rest of the garden. Haven't decided yet though.

Will straightened out our flagstone bench for me. It looks really good now. I am glad we found good use for that random piece of flagstone.

And my snapdragons. Oh, I am so in love with the snapdragons!


The ones from last year are HUGE this year and blooming like crazy. They are so beautiful. I planted some more this year since they seem to do well in the backyard and can take the full on afternoon and evening sun that we get back there. Hopefully they continue to thrive.

So far everything is going coming along pretty well in the garden. Most of my perennials from last year made it back this year. The vegetables are hanging in there, although I am a bit worried about my lettuce. The seeds came up, but it's not growing much now. Hopefully it makes it as it was so nice to have our own lettuce last summer. I may try planting some seeds in a big pot just to see what happens.

I get tired of weeding and watering, but right now the backyard just feels so nice. I like sitting back there and looking at all the blooming flowers, watching the birds hop around and tweet in the trees. It's nice when the cats join me too!

Also, I have lots of things on sale over at the Mad Orange Shop! Bags and bowls and a coaster set. I'll be adding a few more things this week too. Get them while they're hot!!

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