Thursday, June 17

A bit of a melt down.

Isn't that red unbelievable? It pops out so much in the photo that it looks unreal to me. But it's very real. I don't photoshop my Polaroids (or anything really) to look like something that they're not. I bought the flowers at Whole Foods the other day and for once I remembered to make a note of what they are. Matsumoto asters. Matsumoto. I like saying it.

Anyway, I don't remember what I was going to post about this afternoon because I just had a little melt down over pizza dough. I don't make the pizza dough, Will does. But he was running late so I tried to do it and I just made a big mess of stickiness and who knows what it's going to do. I have the feeling that we're going to be eating something else tonight and I will have to satisfy my pizza crazing another time.


I'm not a terrible cook, but there are just some things that intimidate me.

Like pizza dough.


  1. pizza dough is not easy! don't give up.
    I just went ahead and ordered one after a 9 hour work day. ;)

  2. I know you are not fond of gadgets like I am, but the dough setting on my bread maker is the awesomest thing ever. Only ever messed up the pizza dough once, and I attribute that to human mistake (and old yeast).


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