Monday, June 28

Monday and some link love.

So so busy and it's only Monday! It seems like each week I start out with a list of things to accomplish and by the first day, every thing changes. Today I found out that five of my felted bags sold at the local shop over the weekend. Five! And all to the same person. That's crazy good. And it means that I need to restock a bit so my list needs to get shifted around to fit in making new bags instead of some of the other things I was going to do. This is good, but it always seems like my desire to experiment with some new things always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Not so good. But that's how it goes. I am grateful that I sold some things!

This morning I visited always time for tea and found this photo and have not stopped admiring it all day. I am so in love with those poppy pods and Brooke captured them so perfectly (with Polaroid film of course). They are the perfect color and so magical looking. Like a bouquet out of a fairy tale.

And then I stumbled upon this list over at hula seventy. Andrea always has the best lists.

Speaking of lists, I've also been enjoying this new-to-me blog, The Photography of Ashley E. Ashley shares her lists as well and they are always inspiring. Quickly became one of my regular reads.

I also discovered this cool shop on Etsy, Blackbird Letterpress. I am always a sucker for letterpress and I absolutely adore these powerline screen printed flags. Something else that might be a necessary decoration for my office.

Another Etsy shop to check out, For The Love of Paper. Caline makes such beautiful things, handmade books and dream pillows, and now she has some of her drawings available. Drawings from a recent gallery show here in Santa Fe. I really love her work, it's so magical and full of poetry. (Magical keeps popping up for me a lot lately.) Caline also has a delightful blog that you should check out. It always makes me smile. I'm quite lucky to actually know her in person.

One more favorite new and inspiring blog, Vivienne McMaster. Love her photography, it's so bright and dreamy. She takes wonderful self-portraits. And her words never fail to strike a chord with me. Can't remember how I stumbled upon her blog, but it's a great treasure to have found.

And with that, I must call it a day. Time to give my brain a little rest.


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