Thursday, June 3

Etsy Love.

The incredible things that one can find on Etsy!

I would love to get a couple of these pillows for our couch. So awesome.

I have a great love for cards. Postcards, note cards, any kind of cards. The multi-talented hchamp recent opened an Etsy shop and her Gocco printed cards are so beautiful. I couldn't resist ordering a few!

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting Kyle, the woman behind Power and Light Press. She makes super cool letterpress cards. I especially love the Burt Reynolds thank you card.

While doing some birthday shopping last week, I stumbled across Roundabout Designs and wanted to buy just about every single necklace she makes. She has just about every necklace I have ever thought about, including this sweet little bird necklace. I have to admit, I did buy this one because I have a thing about stars.

I can't remember how I ran across this shop, but I immediately feel in love with it. Lilla makes healing shards and stones, much of it made from things she finds on the beach, and it is so perfect.

And this windchime...well, I think it would fit perfectly into my blue room.

I love these little stacking dishes too.

Our friend Jen just re-opened her Etsy shop and she has wonderful things. If I could wear strapless tops, I would totally buy this. But me in anything strapless is not a good idea.

This Polaroid jewelry is pretty nifty too. I've seen other Polaroid jewelry before, but nothing like this. Such original ideas. It's tempting to make a custom order for a pendant with one of my Rocky polaroids!

So much fun stuff, one can get seriously lost in all the beauty on Etsy. I've been meaning to share some of my faves forever and yay, it's done! I'm going to try to do it more regularly. There are so many wonderful artists out there.

Speaking of which...don't forget to check out the Mad Orange Shop! Lots of stuff on sale right now.

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  1. how funny! i was just perusing your beautiful shop today and got a google alert that directed me to your blog :) happy small etsy world! i'm so happy you like my jewelry and would LOVE to make a custom piece for you anytime you like. thanks for including me in your blog! lots of love.


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