Monday, June 21

Happy Summer!

Fittingly, the latest Words to Shoot By post is Summer. Check it out!

I have to admit, I could curl up in a little ball right now and go to sleep. It's been an exhausting day.

Yesterday we had a lovely Father's Day celebration with my mom and dad. They came over and we had an interesting visit and lots of good food. Guacamole, salsa and chips. Grilled shrimp. Grilled strip steak and asparagus. Baked potato. And mom's always delicious cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.

Some of us also had a margarita, beer and wine. And then after mom and dad went home, some of us walked over to see our two very dear friends that are moving to the Northeast in less than a week. We are going to miss them dearly and we needed some hang out time. Which also involved a couple more beers.

So yes, I welcomed in summer with a bit of a hangover. Which made everything seem a little more stressful than necessary today. It also made me realize that being anal and a tiny bit OCD is totally exhausting.

We've been putting new windows in the house the past week or so. Today was the day for the window in my office and I was in a panic about dust getting in my computer and cameras and what not. So I moved a bunch of stuff out and Will covered everything in plastic for me even though he thought I was being nuts. And of course he was right. He and Luis were so careful, I don't think they got a speck of dust in my room. But oh well, it gave me the opportunity to properly mop the floor and wipe all the shelves down.

And the new windows are awesome. Seriously. No more single-paned glass that rattles all the time and lets all the heat out during the winter. All that's left to do is my little bathroom window. And then no more house projects for a little while.

Also, I'm too old for hangovers.

And does it really matter if my bookshelf isn't in the *exact* same place that it was before?

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