Thursday, April 30

Purple, prickly flowers.

It almost seems wrong to call these things flowers, but flowers of some sort they are. Will picked them out. I told him that they aren't exactly the bright and cheerful look, but they are definitely interesting. And they poke! They didn't fit in our basket so I had to carry them around the store while we did our shopping and they kept poking me with their prickly prickles.

I'll have to remember to look for them again so I can write down the name.

Also, I can't believe that May begins tomorrow!!

Note: I just saw a photo of something similar on Flickr and they are a type of thistle! I don't know why I couldn't remember that word. And I might add, at the same moment that I made this discovery, Kristin left me a comment about thistles. So there you go.

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  1. Looks like some type of thistle? I could be wrong. Very cool, though!


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