Sunday, April 12

I swear, if I have to wear a turtleneck one more time...

I may lose my mind!

Also, I smell like flank steak right now.

I'm sorry, I know it is Easter Sunday and all, and I wish you the happiest of Sundays no matter if you celebrate Easter or not. But. For me, a crappy day. Beginning with the not sleeping at all last night and waking up to the monster grumpies. Or blue meanies. Or something like that.

And new old bike with brakes that no longer work. And knitting that had to be ripped out. And no run this morning. And so on and so forth.

Ended up with a lovely dinner with my parents though and riveting conversation about the movie Milk and flank steak.

And sweet cherry pie.

Making no sense? Perhaps I've been Confunded.

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