Wednesday, April 15

The "I Can't Wait Until Summer" List.

Hiking. Lots and lots of hiking.
Going on our first backpacking adventure.
Flip flops everyday. (I always write flip flips and then have to fix it.)
Wearing my shorty short shorts. (Hope they still fit!)
Friends coming to visit in July!!!!! Wooohooo!!
Grilling out almost every night.
Fresh, locally grown vegetables from the Farmers Market.
Fresh vegetables from our garden.
Blooming flowers.
Lots of bike rides.
Day trips to places we haven't been in New Mexico.
Sitting in the sun on our patio.
A picnic at my favorite meadow.
Zinnias. Lots and lots of zinnias.
Having margaritas on the patio.
Football season.
The end of the summer beach trip.

And unexpected fun and adventures!

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  1. I love zinnias. I just planted some pink ones yesterday and when it dries after today's rain I'll plant some more. I love to do floral still life photography. I posted a still life image today on my blog that I did last year of some of my zinnias. Come and "smell the flowers" at


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