Thursday, April 9

I took some new bags over to the shop yesterday.

(The flowers are pins so can be removed or moved around.)

I'm really excited about the two new styles below. Slightly bigger than the "envelope" clutch style. I absolutely love making cables so I am glad it worked out on the green bag. I had no idea if the cable would actually show after felting, but it does. Subtle, but a nice touch. More of these styles to come.

All of these handbags are available at Leslie Flynt. If you are interested in one, let me know. I'm also happy to do special orders.


  1. that one with the buttons is adorable!!

  2. thanks! i wish there was a decent shop in sf for buttons. can't find anything here.

  3. My God, they're GORGEOUS!!! I love how the cable felts.


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