Monday, April 13

It's hard to believe that

yesterday it was snowing and today it is sunny and near 60 degrees. I spent most of the day outside working in the side yard. Right now I have on flip flops! Flip flops! A dream come true.

My shoulders and lower back ache from pulling weeds. I can only imagine how my body is going to feel tomorrow. This getting old business really sucks sometimes. Squatting on the ground for hours at a time just doesn't work so well anymore once you are pushing 40. It hurts. But I got a lot done. Sadly I did not get it all done. The weeds do not stop coming and by weeds I guess I really mean the chives. Yes, chives. I realize chives are nice to eat, but trust me, you do not want hundreds of them growing in the garden. They take over everything. I'd like to strangle the tenant that planted them all in the first place. Every year I dig them out and every year they come back. It's sheer torture.

I'll admit that it was nice to be outside in the sun after so many gloomy days. Fingers crossed that the nice weather sticks around for awhile.

I'm so tired right now, I can't remember what else I want to tell you about.


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  1. here's hoping that the tiredness translates into a good night's sleep.


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