Sunday, September 28

We actually sacrificed watching football this morning

so that we could go on a hike. Sort of a make-up birthday hike. (Granted the Steelers do not play until tomorrow night so it wasn't *too* hard to give up Sunday morning football.) We hiked to my favorite place. I have no pictures to share yet because I used only film cameras and have not had a chance to scan anything. But it was a lovely day and quite nice to get some fresh air. The aspen have not all turned to yellow yet, but boy, it's looking pretty golden up there. My cow friends were gone for the most part, we did run into one lone cow that didn't look completely healthy. And we had lunch with a chipmunk. A chipmunk that I believe to be this same chipmunk because it was perched in the same spot.

We explored the meadow quite a bit. Will was searching for good camping spots and I was taking photos with one of my peel-apart film cameras. Always a bit of a pain while hiking due to the waste it produces, but it was well worth the extra time. I got some nice shots. We ate lunch and headed back in. The Windsor Trail was PACKED on our way out. It was crazy. And then driving down the ski basin road, every trail head and parking area was totally packed. I don't think I have ever seen so many people up there. It's the draw of the golden aspen trees.

Now we are home, watching the afternoon games. I have a head cold or allergies or something and it is not making me happy. It started last weekend then seemed to go away over the week, but now whatever it is has returned. No fun. I am hoping it goes away soon as next Saturday is the Big Tesuque Run and if I can't breathe, well, it might be a bit of a problem.

Speaking of the Big Race, this past Thursday, I went up there with my dad to do a trial run and I was quite pleased with how I felt. Last year when I did the race I felt like I was going to die. Seriously. But on Thursday, I felt good and was able to keep a pretty even pace, albeit a slow one. I think if this congestion goes away, I'll be able to run all the way up this year. It's a twelve mile race, six miles up and six miles down. I imagine my dad will end up kicking my ass yet again.

A happy Sunday to you all. I have to go blow my nose again.

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