Monday, September 1

I got a stove for my birthday.

Seriously, I did. I am pretty hard to surprise, but my parents surprised me with the stove.

Our stove was about as old as I am - well, not quite - and while it worked fine, it was annoying. It wasn't level, for one. And the pilots were always blowing out which is just a pain in the ass and vaguely nerve racking. The new one is all level and while it's still a gas stove (my preference), it's the new kind that doesn't have pilots that blow out. It makes our kitchen look snazzier.

Now I just have to keep the thing spotless so my mom doesn't yell at me when she comes over. (How old am I?!)

Today wasn't rainy and gray like yesterday, but I have to admit that my mood was still rather dreary. I had another bad night of rest and just felt blah most of the day. Perhaps my actual birthday will be better.

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  1. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Happy Birthday Juli!! We miss yinz in the burgh.


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