Tuesday, September 2

The sun is out and I'm feeling better.

38 today

And I am 38 today. How did that happen?! In my head, 38 equals "almost 40". It's hard to believe I've been around that long. When I spoke to my dad on the phone this morning, he asked me how old I am. I said, "38." (Which I am sure he knew.) And he said, "that's *old*." Thanks Dad! I know he was joking, but still. 38 really isn't that old.

I slept much better last night. I got off to a rough start though. I fell asleep at 10:00 only to be awakened at 10:30 by the sound of a cat puking near the bed. Sweet! Rocky threw up all his dinner. He's fine, he just eats too fast sometimes. I got up and cleaned up the pile of puke. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep, but it was no problem. I didn't wake up again until 4:06 AM which was a nice treat.

I went on a nice five mile run this morning, ate fresh raspberries with my breakfast and now I am at work for the day. We might go out for sushi this evening.

I have no complaints.


  1. Happy birthday, Juli! Sounds like you're having an excellent birthday. If only you weren't at work... =)

  2. hey, happy belated birthday, my dear! and 38 isn't so bad -- i turned 38 last month and so far, it's fine ;-)

    also, i should tell you, i'm blogging again, sort of: utterperfection.tumblr.com. let's see how long it lasts, haha ..

    jessica xx


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