Wednesday, September 3

I'm not ready for autumn.

And it's definitely right around the corner. It's positively freezing today. This does not make me happy. As I get older, I dislike cold weather more and more. I keep telling Will that we are going to have to move somewhere that stays warm most of the time. Like San Diego. It doesn't help that I work somewhere with doors that stay open well into the winter. Not looking forward to freezing all day, every day at work either.

So now the birthday has come and gone. Yesterday was uneventful at work. In the evening, Will took me out for sushi at Shoko Cafe. It's a place that my family used to frequent when I was a kid (although I didn't eat sushi back then), and I've been wanting to return since we moved back, out of nostalgia, I guess. Well, that and the fact that I actually do like sushi now. I've heard and read mixed views about the place, but our meal was fantastic and we had a lovely time. We had Shrimp Spring Rolls and Vegetable Tempura to start. Then it was sushi time. We had Scallop (which turned out to be my favorite) and Unagi (Eel). The Unagi was way too fishy and almost made me gag. We used to love eel everything in NYC, but both here and in Pittsburgh, the eel is quite different and we should probably give up on ordering it. We also had a bunch of Maki Rolls. California Roll (w/ Real Crabmeat), Spider Roll, Spicy Tuna and more Eel. The Spider roll was the best of the bunch. The Spicy Tuna was good but about took my head off it was so hot. California Roll was good and the Eel was our least favorite. We had ginger ice cream for dessert. Yum.

In addition to the stove, I received a few other things. My parents also bought me new running shoes and shorts, per my request. Our friend Ben gave me What We Talk About When We Talk About Love: Stories by Raymond Carver. Will gave me some cozy slippers for the coming cold weather. (Hell, I should have them on right now.) And the cats gave me Polaroid film. Simon gave me a two-pack of 664 and Rocky gave me a two-pack of 690. Such thoughtful gifts.

And what did I buy for myself you might ask? Three more four-packs of Polaroid 600 film. I did it in a moment of panic. I have moments when the realization that eventually there is not going to be anymore 600 film really hits home. And I panic. Especially since the price just keeps going up and up and up. Office Depot is about the only place left I can find reasonably priced four-packs. But they won't deliver to our zip code. I get that they must have warehouses located around the country that serve certain regions, but come on, one of the other warehouses can't slap a shipping label on a box and send it to New Mexico?! Fortunately they will deliver to my in-laws zip code. Relief. So I'll get it from them next week when we all meet at the beach.

Oh yes, I can't wait for the beach vacation! Two and an half days of work left this week, a three day weekend, one day of work next week and then off we go to South Carolina.

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