Thursday, September 18


Last night we went to the ribbon cutting ceremony for Encantado, an Auberge Resort, with my parents. It is actually a pretty stunning resort. I was sold on it, ready to drop $425 a night for a room with a view. (The rooms range from $425 to $1075 for the suites.) The place really is incredible, nicely designed and beautiful views from just about every spot in the place. We took a little tour of the place, had some good snacks and free beer and got to see Governor Richardson. He made a little speech and had the honor of cutting the ribbon. I was fascinated by the crowd, totally unable to distinguish what the people were all about. Locals? Rich folks? Loyal patrons of the old Rancho Encantado? My parents had no idea how they ended up on the guest list. So funny.

It was a nice little view into a part of Santa Fe living that we rarely see. (I guess.)

And I've already told Will that's where we are spending our next anniversary. Heh! Well, maybe we'll at least have dinner at the restaurant. It's gotten rave reviews so far.

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