Tuesday, August 26

Vacation, Day Four

On Wednesday, we woke up early and watched the sunrise from our patio. The morning light was intense. We had our coffee and tea, took some more pictures and then packed up our things.

(One of my favorite shots from that morning.)

(Created with fds flickr toys)

We also took some shots in front of the motel sign. Why? Because U2 stayed at the Harmony Motel when they were working on the Joshua Tree album and took photos near the sign. Same motel, different sign. I know, we are dorks. The motel manager told us that many of her guests take photos of the sign. The office and common rooms are full of photos of the band. It's kind of funny. I have no idea how long they stayed there or what they did while they were there as the album was recorded in Dublin. If nothing else, they must have been very inspired by Joshua Tree National Park.

We loved the Harmony Motel and I highly recommend staying there if you are ever in the area.

The drive to San Diego was uneventful. We arrived around lunchtime. My aunt and uncle live in Imperial Beach which is just about the last exit before Mexico. It's not the nicest part of San Diego, but they have lived there forever. They are about six blocks from the beach and they just finished remodeling their house so we were quite content to be there.

This particular aunt and uncle have always been my favorite so I was delighted to finally see them again. We determined that it had been about 15 years since last we were together. They had never met Will. (Later we came to find out that they were worried that we might not appreciate cocktail hour. Ha!) My uncle is from North Carolina so he and Will got on famously, full of whiskey and tall tales.

(Created with fds flickr toys)

That afternoon, we walked down to the beach with my aunt and uncle. San Diego felt so cool after being in the desert. It was awesome. And like I said, Imperial Beach isn't the nicest area, in fact, it's rather seedy, but a walk on the beach is a walk on the beach. I love being that close to the ocean. Because IB is so close to Mexico, the water is often not so clean (i.e. sewage floating around) and lots of trash washes ashore. After hear that from my aunt, Will and I decided we wouldn't be swimming while we were there! There are many other nicer beaches in the area, but we got so much sun in the desert, we didn't really feel the need to hang out at the beach all day.

So, day four, another great day of vacation. We were so happy to be in San Diego and have a couple days of total relaxation ahead.

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