Thursday, August 14

He certainly lives up to his name.

Rocky, that is. He was late for breakfast this morning, something that so rarely happens, it always worries me a bit. Eating is perhaps his favorite thing to do. But I also know sometimes he gets caught up doing whatever it is he does outside and comes home late.

But this morning I was right to worry. When he finally showed up, I let him in and right away could tell something was wrong with him. He seemed to be moving slowly. I started to do a body inspection and found blood on his hind leg. I got Will and we tried to get a better look at the wound, but we couldn't see much with the fur plus Rocky was yelling and hissing. Obviously the wound was causing him a lot of pain.

So another trip to the vet. It's been awhile, but geez, my Rocky sure gets in a lot of fights. We had to leave him there, something that I hate doing. The vet told us she wanted to sedate him before cleaning the wound because it was causing him so much pain. Poor guy. She called Will awhile ago to let him know that all went well. They got Rocky cleaned up. She found several bite marks on his leg, nothing anywhere else. I keep trying to imagine what happened...I guess he was running away from another cat and the cat got his leg. Who knows though, the outdoor lives of our cats are ultimately a mystery.

He can be picked up after 3:00 so only a couple hours until I can get my boy home. I am sure he'll still be out of it. And of course now he is going to be grounded for awhile.

All's well that ends well...nonetheless, the whole thing totally threw my day off. Guess it threw Rocky's day off even worse.

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