Wednesday, August 20

On the fly

Just checking in quickly to say hello. And happy Wednesday!

Yesterday evening, for no apparent reason, I actually spent most of the evening thinking that it was Friday and that I had the weekend off. Weird little time warp confusion. Or just wishful thinking because yesterday work kicked my ass. And I think it's going to kick my ass again today. And so it goes.

I still hope to finish writing about vacation, but you know, watching the Olympics takes up a lot of time. Don't want to miss those Women's Trampoline finals. (Okay, so the trampoline finals were actually pretty cool.) All I really wanted to see was the damn gymnastics, but since they didn't air it until after my bedtime, I missed most of it.

This past Sunday, we did manage to go on a hike. We hiked the Caballo Peak trail, though we did not hike all the way to the peak due to time constraints. Our friend Ben took a lot of great photos which you can check out here.

Hope you all are doing well. More soon.

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