Tuesday, June 3

Insomnia & Polaroid Silent Auction

Two totally unrelated subjects for this post!

The Polaroid Silent Auction is happening at SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine on June 6th. You can preview the prints here. Lots of awesome work. I am delighted that I was invited to submit a print (although they spelled my name wrong). Pretty neat-o and I wish we could be there!

As for the insomnia...well, it's kind of gotten better the past two weeks in that I have been feeling more rested and less irritable even though I still don't sleep through the night. I don't know what that means really, I guess that I am "managing" my insomnia.

I went to see a Doctor of Oriental Medicine yesterday and it was a very positive experience. I've never actually had a massage before nor acupuncture and both left me feeling very relaxed. Plus we talked a lot and I have some new paths to follow as far as working out the insomnia issue goes. So of course I proceeded to have the worst night I've had in a long time last night. Arrrggghh!

My insomnia is typically not staying asleep as opposed to having trouble falling asleep. But nope, not last night. Could not sleep for the life of me. I just kept getting more and more agitated and I swear I felt like I'd had a dose of speed or something. Finally I got up and took a Valium and even that took forever to relax me. I had a big day at work today and being exhausted sucked. The dark circles under my eyes look fabulous too.

So I don't know, it probably is just a fluke that I couldn't fall asleep rather than being directly related to the D.O.M. experience. I guess there was a part of me that hoped for a miracle...that I would sleep through the night. Alas. The suggestions that were given to me all make sense, but they are all things that will help me over time, not instantaneously.

I am keeping the hope, for sure. And crossing my fingers that I sleep tonight.

P.S. We really need someone to house/cat/garden sit for us in July. For a week. If you are not a complete stranger to me and have some interest in spending a week in Santa Fe, let me know. We can't fly you out here, but once you're here, you'll have a nice house to stay in, two cats to keep you company, satellite television and a wireless internet connection. Oh, and there's all that art stuff here too. And hiking.

(Not that I really think this request will work considering that about five people read this blog! But hey, you never know.)

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