Monday, June 9

I couldn't sleep last night.

Well, I fell asleep in no time at all, but then I woke up at 2:50 and could not fall back asleep. Too many things started going through my head. Bad news from one of my favorite people ever that still has me reeling. I just couldn't stop thinking about him. And then my twitchy husband started twitching quite a bit. I felt like I was in the middle of an earthquake. Well, not really, but it does shake the whole bed and since I already couldn't fall asleep, it was driving me nuts. Next time we have a wad of cash, we're going to invest in one of those beds that does not move.

So I've been tired and rather short-tempered today. Fortunately I've been by myself for the most part so no one has really had to put up with my mood. I've done a little of this and a little of that and actually accomplished a fews things. I still have too many piles though. Things to mail. Craft projects to finish. Polaroids to pin up. Polaroids to put into my album. Clothing that needs to be ironed.

All-in-all I have been feeling better. I don't sleep through the night, but since following some of the suggestions of my D.O.M., I seem to have more energy during the day. The two main things she asked me to do: eat breakfast and take calcium magnesium at bedtime. And a banana does not count as breakfast. So I have been eating breakfast and taking the calcium at night. Hopefully eventually my system will find a new track and I'll actually sleep through the night. We shall see.

I am sure reading about my lack of sleep is rather boring, but since I have so much trouble with sleep, I think about it a lot.

Back to work tomorrow. I have another full work week so here's hoping for some good rest tonight!

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