Tuesday, June 10

If only I could sleep as serenely as the cats.

Just lay down in the morning sun and go to sleep.

But alas, it is not so. And in fact, I had another bad night. A night of not being able to fall asleep at all which actually stresses me out more than the waking up during the night. Because then I think it is going to happen every night and I end up totally psyching myself out. I have no idea why I couldn't sleep last night. I was totally exhausted from the previous night, for one. I followed my usual bedtime routine, started falling asleep while reading, turned out the light...and then no sleep.

It's frustrating.

Perhaps I am just stressed about the week ahead and the fact that I will be alone at work so there is no opportunity for relief if I start losing my mind. Or something like that.

Oh well, all I can do is keep going.

And now I have to run. Literally.

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