Saturday, June 14

The Farmers Market

was quite pleasant this morning.

I took my Polaroid SLR 680 along
but did not see anything
that inspired me to take a shot.

Bugheart always has such beautiful
and inspiring photos
from her trips to the Farmers Market.
(Which is not the one here.)

Maybe next time.

We bought some lovely treats though.

A bag of mixed greens,
swiss chard,
beets and onions,
and sweet cherries
that are fire engine red!

Grass-fed beef, pork chops
and bratwurst!

We had a sample of the bratwurst
and it was divine.

Homemade raspberry rhubarb pie
for dessert tonight.

Spinach and feta quiche for breakfast
one morning this coming week.


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  1. woo!
    I bought some bratwurst today too! (not at the farmer's market though---from wholeys) I'm going to make currywurst for my kitchen staff meeting tomorrow.


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