Saturday, May 1

Tiny Mary Jane Baby Booties!

This is the little crochet project that I mentioned a few days ago. I discovered this Hook Candy pattern via Ravelry. It was hard to pick a pattern because they are all so incredibly cute!

We have new friends here in town that are expecting a baby girl in July and it has kind of made me baby crazy. Or at least baby knitting and crocheting crazy! Baby things are so fun to make because they are so tiny and mind-blowingly cute and well, because they are tiny, they usually work up pretty quickly. Plus I absolutely love to make gifts that will be loved and actually put to use! (Unlike the few sweaters that I've made for myself that sit in my closet because I seem to pick patterns that don't suit me.) I love making stuff so much that I would probably just give it all away if I could, but alas, I do have to make money to keep buying yarn. (Hence, the Etsy shop.)

I have a couple more baby things on my project list that I am super excited about, I just need to get the right yarn. I thought I had ordered the right yarn, but when it arrived on Friday, I realized that I goofed up half my order. Don't know what I was thinking. Maybe it is the lack of sleep this week. (I went to bed stone cold sober last night and *still* didn't sleep well. Frustrating.)

Anyway, it's fun being around the excitement of a baby on the way and I'm looking forward to being able to hang around a little one. I've always loved babies, but we haven't had friends with babies since Pittsburgh. And all my nieces and nephews are in the double digits now. And while the cats are our babies, it's not quite the same thing.

It's also been nice to take a small break from constantly knitting up things to felt. I need to remember it's important to make room for other things sometimes! Like making baby clothes! A couple of faraway friends have babies on the way so I'm thinking I might need to make some more of these little Mary Jane booties.

Yes, baby crazed...

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