Wednesday, May 19

20 Ways I Would Like to Celebrate My 40th Birthday

I know my birthday is over 3 months away, but I am turning FORTY so I have to admit, I have been thinking about this for awhile. In fact, I think I started thinking about it last year. I remember telling Will I wanted him to throw a surprise party for me. But I guess that wouldn't be much of a surprise, would it? Plus most of my good friends live across the country so I don't think it would work all that well. Unless we win the lottery.


My original plan was to make a list of 40 ways that I would like to celebrate, but the list got a bit repetitive after awhile. This proves that I have fairly simple taste, and, perhaps, that I am rather boring. The most important ingredients seem to be my husband (of course) and an incredible dinner. Other ingredients that would be loved but might not be as easy to do are friends, far away places , road trips and rock shows.

And yes, some of my birthday dreams would require being very, very wealthy. But some are actually feasible.

  1. Have a party with all my friends, preferably with a couple of my favorite bands playing.

  2. Have said party on a cruise ship.

  3. Or a tropical island.

  4. Rent an entire island for a week, charter a private jet to get there and invite some of our favorite people to join us.

  5. Spend the entire month in Spain with Will.

  6. Take a road trip to the northwest, visiting Seattle, Portland and San Francisco. A nice birthday dinner somewhere along the way.

  7. Have an incredible dinner at Terra (at Encantado) and spend the night in one of their suites with a view of the mountains.

  8. Fly out some friends and have a fancy dinner party at Terra and book suites for everyone.

  9. Take a road trip to Joshua Tree, have dinner at that Mexican restaurant we liked so much on our last trip there and then spend the evening on our motel room porch watching the sunset.

  10. Fly to New York City and have dinner at Blue Ribbon, or maybe Peter Luger, and then meet up with some friends for drinks somewhere, maybe see a band or two. And go shopping! (Santa Fe is a shopping wasteland.)

  11. Spend the week in Pittsburgh visiting friends, attending rock shows and having a fancy dinner somewhere on my birthday. Or maybe a cook out.

  12. Spend the week in Winston-Salem, have a rock show at the Wherehouse, or maybe just cocktails at Single Brothers.

  13. Spend the week at one of those super private resorts on the coast of Mexico with my husband.

  14. Drive to Las Vegas for the weekend, have a crazy buffet dinner, take loads of photos and stay at one of the luxury hotels. In a suite.

  15. Rent a little beach house somewhere and spend the week there with my husband, eating amazing seafood, running on the beach, taking lots of photos and relaxing.

  16. Or maybe a cabin in the woods, cooking out, hiking, taking lots of photos and relaxing.

  17. Get a tattoo before having an amazing dinner somewhere with Will.

  18. Friends over to our house for a cook out and margaritas and beers and lots of photographs.

  19. Take a day trip to somewhere in New Mexico that we have never been before. Get home in time for a fabulous dinner out.

  20. Spend the day being happy and grateful and enjoying life with my husband, no matter where we are. (And have a fabulous dinner out.)


  1. this sounds like an exhausting weekend :)

  2. haha, that's a good one!


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