Tuesday, May 11

Like a pom pom.

Okay, so I get a little obsessed with the ranunculous this time of year! It's just so beautiful. The vivid colors of the petals. The wildness of the stems. And as it wilts and dries, it remains beautiful. The red petals really change in color, going from super bright red to a deeper, darker red, like wine and pale rose near the center. The yellow ranunculous doesn't shift color so much, but each flower sort of puffs out as the petals start to fall and they look like pom poms.

I love having cut flowers in the kitchen because they make me smile every time I walk by. And sometimes they make me run and get a camera. The light from the skylight above really does wondrous things sometimes.

Last week I went a little crazy and used up a whole pack of Polaroid 600 film on the ranunculous. So you'll be seeing more this week. (But not all, I didn't scan every picture. I didn't want to go to overboard. Ahem.)

Super busy with knitting and felting this week. Yesterday I had a very successful felting session. That is always a happy thing.

Hope you all are having a great week so far!

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