Tuesday, May 18

New stuff!

Hello, thank you for bearing with me and my rambles about lack of sleep yesterday. I slept alright last night and am feeling mostly human again. Always a nice treat.

I took a few new things over to the gallery here in Santa Fe last week, things that I have been meaning to show you.

A felted coaster set which includes 6 coasters and a small bowl to keep them in.

Felted coaster set.

Another coaster set, this one in a "petal" bowl. I like to think that when put together, it looks like a flower. Yes, me and flowers. I love flowers.

Felted coaster set.

Felted coaster set.

And this clutch isn't a new style, just a new color. Bright and fabulous for spring and summer!

The fuchsia and turquoise look really great together.

I'm really excited about the coaster sets. I think they're pretty cute and they're even useful too!

So they aren't in my Etsy shop, but the coaster sets will be available there soon. And of course if you ever see anything here that isn't in the Etsy shop but it is something you would like to purchase, just let me know! I'm always happy to make special orders.

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  1. coaster sets are adorable!
    good work!


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