Monday, May 25


I ran 4 miles.

I planted zinnia seeds in the sandbox
and sunflower seeds near the fence.

I counted all my indoor plants and found that I have 46 of them.

I took some Polaroid pictures and got stressed out because
both my SX-70 cameras caused me to lose about 5 shots.
One camera eats film sometimes,
the other has a mirror that locks up.
My film supply is not endless.

I brought home cut peonies from mom and dad's garden. I love peonies.

I went downtown with Will to see my mom in the fashion show at the new museum, but we missed it because the line to get in was so long.

I did laundry.

I finished knitting a small shawl for myself, made with the beautiful hand spun yarn that Sheryl gave me awhile back.

I knocked my bicycle over in the utility room and cursed a lot.

I organized the rocks in the back yard around the new paving stones. And I have to say, I did quite a nice job. It looks good back there.

I made guacamole for the first time in forever.

I spent $80 at Whole Foods. I'm so good at guessing what our groceries will cost these days just by eyeballing what we have on the conveyor belt. Today I said, "uggghhh, it's going to be eighty dollars." It was $80.95. Yes, we spend all our money on food.

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  1. good day!
    can't wait to see pics of the shawl!
    did I tell you that I am trying houseplants this year too?
    I need to get some new pots for them, but so far I have not killed a jasmine, a eucalyptus, and two ivys. wish me luck!


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