Wednesday, May 20

Garden update.

Last week I worked in the yard for a few days and then between the lack of sleep and my overall foul mood, I had to take a break. I spent a few days knitting baby hats and watching movies. It was nice. Much as I love to garden, I seem to get burnt out more quickly these days.

Anyway, this week I had to get back to it. So I spent most of the afternoon planting vegetables. (Yeah, I know, it's really smart to work outside during the hottest part of the day.) I planted two tomato plants in the side yard again as they seem to do best there. We wanted a cherry tomato plant as well, but no more room in the side yard. And we didn't have much luck with vegetables in the back yard last year. So we decided to try a container cherry tomato plant. Hopefully it works out.

I planted pepper plants today too. There wasn't a great selection at Home Depot or the local nursery which was kind of disappointing. I like different types of sweet peppers, but they mostly had green bell peppers which I did not want at all. We had way too many of them last year after planting pepper plants that had been mislabeled. We did find one sweet yellow pepper plant, but alas, when I got it home, I discovered that it was actually a yellow banana pepper plant. I also ended up with some cubanello peppers and jalapeños. It's funny, in Pittsburgh, my jalapeños grew like crazy, but the past two years here in Santa Fe, no luck at all with them. Hoping that this year will be the year. I make a tasty guacamole with fresh jalapeños. Oh and of course I put in eggplant again. That's one of my faves from the garden. I would love to plant more, but we just don't have the space. As it is, I know I have everything planted too close together, but whatever, we'll see what happens. I may have to try to squeeze in a sweet pepper plant somewhere.

Last week I planted some greens for the first time. Romaine lettuce, some other lettuce and collards. No idea if they'll take or not. On the flower front, I transplanted my echinacea to a different spot and added a few more plants. Echinacea is one of my faves and does well in this climate. Filled the two front beds with zinnias. Put in some dahlias near the coyote fence, more echinacea in the back yard bed that nothing does well in, and a nice little herb garden outside the back door. I also transplanted one of my lilac bushes and yarrow. Both are looking a little sad, but I think they'll make it.

All I really have left to do is get the seeds planted and hopefully that will happen tomorrow. Although now that I think about it, if it actually rains tomorrow, all the seeds might get washed away. Perhaps I should wait. Any thoughts? I think the yard is going to look fantastic this year, it's just so much work.

My tiredness is taking over now and I can't focus on this big screen anymore. Plus I still have to water. Looking forward to the two hour finale of Criminal Minds.

How's your garden coming along?

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  1. I'm uploading pictures right now!
    Spent most of the morning out there yesterday---it's looking good!


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