Friday, May 29

flickr faves, the backyard and what not.


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I've been slacking on the Friday Flickr Faves. It's just been so hard to spend any length of time at my computer lately. I seem to be on my computer a lot in five minute intervals, but anything longer than that, well, the weather's just too nice to be shut up in my office. We've done so much work on the yard, I have to say it's looking quite wonderful, and so I want to be outside. Enjoying the yard.

Which I am doing right now because I asked Will if I could try his laptop out here. And lo and behold, I think the internet connection is actually better out here than it is in the back of the house. It's quite lovely to be sitting in the shade, a strong breeze blowing, Simon at my feet and my husband alternately manning the grill and playing the guitar. Can't get much better. (Rocky's manning the grill as well. He likes to eat the ashes that fall out. Oh so tasty.)

This week was one of those weeks that requires running errands every single day. If I don't have to drive out to some store on Cerrillos Road for the next week or so, I'll be a happy woman. But shit has to get done and sometimes that involves constant errands. I finally got decent curtains for my office and the utility room. And we got a table and chairs for the new patio area. Wood for the bookshelves that Will is building. Lunch at Osaka one day. (It wasn't half bad and it turned out that we knew the waiter through some other friends of ours.)

I also finally got all the seeds in the ground. If they all take, we are going to have a bazillion zinnias which is going to be awesome. I don't know what's going to come up though. For some reason I fee like I did a shoddy job of planting. Planted some sunflower, poppy and cosmo seeds as well. I'm feeling so pleased about the yard. Oh and the lettuce is growing like mad. Who knew? So excited about having greens from the garden later this summer.

So, happy about the yard. Not so happy about some other aspects of my life, but you know, right now, it just couldn't be much better. Sitting in the backyard with my husband and the cats is the best thing ever.

P.S. You should check out the Polaroid Gallery over at the New York Times. There's some incredible stuff up there.

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