Thursday, May 14

And the saga continues.

I know some of you are waiting to hear about our anniversary dinner and I swear I will get to it, but I just don't have the energy right now.

Sleep? Not my friend lately. Totally avoiding me.

Actually last night, out of desperation, I took a sleeping pill. A whole one, not half like last time. Slept from 9:30 until 4:00am when Simon threw the gate opener on the floor and woke me up. I felt totally woozy but managed to get up and let the cats out. Fell back asleep until 6:00am when my alarm went off. I could barely peel my eyes open. My legs felt like rubber and I could not think straight. I thought maybe it would wear off after awhile, but nope, I felt like crap. I felt just as bad if not worse than when I don't sleep at all. Tired, dizzy, nauseous. Awful. I basically had an emotional meltdown and have been surly all day.

So sleeping pills? Not my friends either. I didn't really want to be friends with them anyway, but I thought maybe I could use them as needed.

I think sleeping pills are bunk. What's the point of getting eight hours of sleep if you still feel like crap? I don't get it.

Here's hoping I sleep tonight.

On the Encantado front, we went out there with my dad for a meeting with a party planner. We're going to have my mom's 70th birthday party there in August. I just love it out there so much. The party is going to be fabulous. I also can't wait to go back and eat in the bar which is along the lines of the Rio Chama bar prices but has much better views.

We grabbed lunch at Tune Up before running some other errands and it was excellent. We shared a BLT and their steak sandwich special. Both were amazing and way better than Flying Star. And I see that they are open for dinner now. Excellent!

Right now I can barely keep my eyes open. I'm awaiting Will to arrive home with the dry mustard that I need for the cole slaw. We're having hot dogs and cole slaw for dinner. And then sleep for dessert. And more sleep. Please.

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