Thursday, February 28

So Not Good With Titles Sometimes

We went to Albuquerque last Saturday. It was a good time. We got to ride around town with my sister in her fancy Mercedes. You can warm your ass up in the front seat. Pretty nifty.

Anyway, we had lunch with my sister and two of my nieces at the Flying Star Cafe in Nob Hill. I remember it as the Double Rainbow back in the day. I had a BLT that was drenched in butter and mayonnaise. It kind of freaked me out. After lunch, we walked around and checked out some of the cool shops around Nob Hill. That area has changed so much since I lived there (way back in the early 90's), but some of the shops remain the same. I've always loved the paper store that I think is actually called Paper. That's where I bought the Lotta Jansdotter postcards and the sweet vintage cat card in the photo above. They have great cards and a huge selection of journals, a dangerous place for me to be. I have a hard time resisting paper products.

Eventually we made it down to the Buffalo Exchange, another store that's been around since way back when. I was hoping to find some new spring duds, but no such luck. I did finally talk my nieces into letting me take their photo.

Cassidy & Caroline

I lugged around 3 cameras and took one picture. Nice. I really wanted to spend more time with the girls, but Cassidy had a boy/girl get-together to attend and Caroline had plans with her dad. So we headed back to the West Side with my sis and ended up going to see Juno. I'd already seen it, but I loved it so didn't mind seeing it again. And then it was back to Santa Fe. A quick trip but better than nothing. We haven't been anywhere in freakin forever.

This week has been mellow. Work. Knitting. Watching movies. We rented We Own The Night, American Gangster and 3:10 To Yuma. 3:10 To Yuma was the best of the bunch. I thought We Own The Night and American Gangster were terribly mediocre. For tonight we have The Darjeeling Limited which I am excited about. Hopefully it delivers.

And speaking of going places, we're hoping to be able to take a vacation this summer. First on our list is getting to Maine for the wedding of two good friends. We're thinking about taking the train out there. If we do it, we'll probably stop in Pittsburgh for a day or two, New York for a couple of days and then to Boston where we'll rent a car and drive to Maine. I've never been to Maine and have always wanted to go there so we'd probably spend 5 days or so up there. Then back to Boston and fly home. We'll see though, it might be more than our budget can stand. I've just been wanting to take a train trip again. I took the train out east from Albuquerque in the early 90's and it was such an experience. I met some of the strangest folks. Good times. And I figure it would be less stressful than flying both ways considering the travel anxiety I get around flying.

So there you go, I'm either totally neurotic or totally boring. Or I don't write at all. No wonder I have like two readers out there. I'll be back tomorrow with my Flickr favs.

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