Thursday, February 21

Just What I Needed

this is unheard of

I was off today and I was very determined to relax after stressing myself out for way too many days in a row. No errands, no cleaning, no thinking. Okay, so I did do some thinking, but I did my best to quiet some of the chaos in my head. I watched two not so good movies and worked on my latest knitting project, the Accidentally On Purpose Vest from Stitch-n-Bitch Nation. Usually one of the cats will eventually come sit with me while I am knitting which I love because they keep me warm. But today, not one but *both* of them hopped up on the couch and settled down next to me. A first, I believe. And oh how sweet it was!

So, on the job front, I did not get the new job so neuroses and stress have quickly come to an end. I'm not really disappointed since I had quite a few misgivings about the whole thing and according to my recruiter, it wasn't me. Yeah, I know, but this business exec. really didn't seem to know what he wanted so I am not terribly surprised. Apparently he decided he needed to "rethink" how much he was willing to shell out for an assistant. So there you go. Overall, a learning experience for me so it's all fine and dandy.

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