Monday, February 4


Need I say more? No, but I will anyway. I can't tell you how joyous we were to see "The Path to Perfection" come to an end. Enough about the damn Patriots already. See, they are not so perfect after all. And I suspect that the whole media lovefest over the Patriots probably went to their heads just enough to make them think they actually were perfect. Or superheroes. Sometimes it pays to be the underdog.

Anyway, I am thrilled the Giants won and we are happy that post-season is over so we can actually do things on Sundays again. Yesterday was the last day of stuffing ourselves with food and beer until next season.

After the game, it really seemed to me that the announcers were all so in shock that they had no idea what to say. They truly thought the Pats would take it all and had no back-up plan.

Any given Sunday.

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