Tuesday, November 6

Words To Shoot By: Diptych

[Polaroid SX-70 Alpha 1 SE + PX70 Color Protection Film]
Check out all the awesome diptychs over at Words To Shoot By this week!

I think of these two shots as the last of the autumn colors. The river trail I run on in the mornings is lined with sagebrush and the golden and pale yellows (you can't see the pale yellow in the shot) have really been catching my eye. The colors are breathtaking in the morning light. So I went over there on Saturday afternoon to take some shots. It's too bad that I can't run with a SX-70 because the light in the morning is much gentler than it is in the afternoon.

The flowers are chrysanthemums from my mom's garden. She cut them and brought them over to me before the first frost last week. They are still going strong in the kitchen and the rusty orange petals are so lovely, I couldn't resist taking a few photos.

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