Monday, November 19


Over the weekend, we received the very sad and unexpected news that our friends had to put their beloved cat Fred to sleep. She was 8 years old (I think) and one of the sweetest cats that I have ever met. I am so heartbroken that she is gone and also for our friends who have to deal with this very unexpected loss.

Fred, aka Fritters, was a shy girl and often wouldn't even come out when visitors arrived. She would take her time, feeling out the situation and then oh so quietly appear. She liked to hang out in her "boat" a lot. The last time we visited, it was always the first place I checked when I looked for her.

She also loved to hang out at the top of the stairs and have toys thrown up at her to attack. And if she was comfortable enough with you, she might even go downstairs and try to lure you in that direction so she could play. Her favorite toys were those crinkly foil balls.

Fred was so very soft and as light as a feather. Whenever I was fortunate enough to get a lap visit from her, I could hardly even feel her weight.

 I spent a lot of time with her during out last visit as we stayed with our friends. She was my buddy. I followed her around with a camera a lot so I think she thought I was a little bit nuts, but she tolerated it and occasionally stayed still for longer than a few seconds.

At night, I was always the first one to go to bed and she would follow me up to the third floor and curl up on the bed with me while I read. Sometimes she stayed through the night, sometimes not. And sometimes she'd wake us up because she wanted some pets. I remember waking up with her sitting in the middle of my back.

In the mornings, she always came up to see us, sometimes just sitting in the hallway and peering through the door. 

I've always loved Fred, but I really grew attached to her on that trip. She was hard to capture on instant film because she moved so much and the white fur tends to blow out, but I took this right before we headed back home. She was in her boat and relieved that the crazy camera lady was leaving! I, on the other hand, did not want to say good-bye.

I am so glad that I got to hang out with Fred and have such sweet and recent memories of her. I've always thought that she was an angel so I imagine that now she is an angel in kitty heaven, hanging out with her brothers, Isaac and Two. Rest in peace, Fred.

And I mourn for our dear friends who spent every day with her and loved her so very much. Fred's life was much too short, but it was a good one, filled with love and pets and foil balls and treats. It is a terrible thing to lose pet, but perhaps even more terrible when it is so unexpected. We love you guys.

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