Sunday, November 25

Thanksgiving week.

[Polaroid Automatic 250 + Fuji FP-100C film]

Somehow, over the years, we ended up with the cats being due for their check ups and shots during the week of Thanksgiving so going to the vet has become a something of a tradition for us. Maybe not such a fun tradition for the cats. They're both healthy, thankfully. They've even slimmed down a bit more which is great. They both weigh in at around 11.5 pounds. I think they're probably fine at that weight since they're kind of big boys anyway.

Rocky was NOT a good patient. He usually meows a bit, but this time, he screamed and clawed and bit. It breaks my heart to see him react that way. Poor guy. They both had blood drawn as well which was a breeze for Simon, but I could hear Rocky yelling and they kept him back there forever. Apparently his veins are small and they had trouble drawing blood. I'm sure it traumatizes him more than it traumatizes me, but I get really upset seeing/hearing the cats in pain. And then Will gets irritated with me for being so sensitive. And then we argue on the way home. It's loads of fun!

Rocky also has a scabby chin which apparently is like adult acne for cats. We have some ointment for  it so hopefully it clears up soon. Fortunately that doesn't seem to bother him at all. Blood work came back mostly good for both cats. Simon's shows a very high potassium level, but the vet thinks it's probably a lab error because all his other levels are great. So he has to go back in to have that level checked again. I am hoping the vet is correct and have avoided looking up what problems high potassium can indicate.

That was Monday. Tuesday I ended up spending a few hours cleaning up all the leaves and dead stuff in the yard. Not much fun, but it feels good to look at the window and not see a mess. The weather here is still unseasonably warm so it's nice to be outside.

Wednesday we started food prep and I anxiously awaited the arrival of my sister and her family. They always come in the evening and we have lasagna (that Will makes) over at my parents' place. I love seeing my nieces so much; they are such amazing young women. After dinner, we bring them back to our place (they think my parents' house is haunted and prefer not to spend the night there) and watch bad movies. Always a good time.

Thanksgiving Day came and went without a hitch. Less stressful than I remember last year being which was nice. My brother and his family arrive in the late morning and we all inhale clam dip and then help my mom and dad with various tasks. We ate really early this year which felt kind of strange, but in the end, I was happy that I hadn't stuffed myself later in the day. After the meal, everyone wanders off for a bit then reconvenes for a walk with mom and/or football with dad. And then it is over. My siblings and their families leave. My parents' house grows quiet and Will and I head home.

While it's not boring, it's also nothing spectacular, but it is what we do and I enjoy it. I love seeing my siblings and their families. And I suspect we only have a few more years of having at least one or two of the nieces around. They're growing up and moving away and can't always make it back for the weekend.

It's so easy to complain about things sometimes, but in the end, I am grateful to have a family that gets together and laughs, and to have such amazing nieces and nephews in my life. I think I'm pretty lucky.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

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