Tuesday, August 3


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Listening to the new Arcade Fire this morning and loving it.

Yesterday my eye doctor appointment went well. I hadn't been in five years so I was hoping for a good report and I got one. My eyes are healthy. My contacts are in sad shape because they are five years old, but I knew that already. I'm very excited to get new ones. My eye sight hasn't changed much (yay), but I bet the world will still be brighter through new lenses.

I had planned on coming home and finishing some work, but oh my, I couldn't see right for hours because they dilated my eyes. I found my package from Arcade Fire on the porch when I got home and a letter from my mother-in-law, but I couldn't even read anything! And looking at the computer, forget about it. Way too bright. I had to wear my sunglasses in the house for awhile because the light was bothering me so much! By the time I went to bed, I could read, but my eyes still felt weird. I'm very glad that everything is back to normal this morning.

Okay, I best go run and then get to watering the gardening.

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