Monday, August 9

A silvery glow.

That's what I ended up with here...well, kind of. The last TZ Edge Cut shots I took came out so dark, I decided to turn the dial to lighter and, well, in this case, I probably should have left it in the middle. I lost the deep blue violet color of the irises and ended up with this lovely sort of silvery glow. That's the beautiful of all these films, they force you to accept the unexpected.

Yesterday afternoon I shot my first photo with the new color film from The Impossible Project. I have to admit that I was rather giddy when I busted open the pack and loaded it in my camera. I went outside and wandered around the garden a bit, trying to find an interesting shot. I ended up taking a picture of the black eyed susans. Interesting? I don't know, but I did manage to completely shield the film from the light and get it inside to develop face down. I let it develop for 4 or 5 minutes and then with great excitement, I flipped it over. And whoa, maybe not the most brilliant shot, but it felt magical to even have instant color film to use in the SX-70 camera. The new films may have a lot of quirks that need to be worked out, but the mere fact that they even exist is a miracle. And a very exciting one at that. I can't wait to shoot more of the color film.

So far August has been super busy and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. My nephews stayed with us for two days last week which was a lot of fun. We took them out to dinner, watched a lot of movies, played some Wii games and walked over to the Railyard Park. The weekend brought lunch with some of the family, trying to get caught up on work and a visit to some friends who recently had a baby. It's so rare that I am around newborn babies, it's kind of intense, watching such a little being squirm around and make cute baby noises. Their little girl is beautiful and has the cutest little fingers and toes. Next time we visit I am going to take a Polaroid camera with me so I can get some pictures of her.

Today I have to go back to the eye doctor to pick up my new contact lenses. This is a good thing as lately the ones I have bother my eyes quite a bit. They are five years old and tend to slip off my eyeballs at will. Not fun. Then there is a trip to the post office and a trip to the vet. I have to pick up food for the cats and I may take Rocky in as well because I am worried that he has gained weight since the vet switched his food. It took us years to get him to slim down so I really don't want him getting fat again. Plus he needs to get some baseline blood work done just because he is an older cat.

So lots to do and of course I haven't been sleeping well so I don't have a ton of energy. I may have to take a wee nap this afternoon before we head over to dinner with some friends.



  1. It sounds like you have been sooo busy! I LOVE the silver flowers. Love love love. Someday I'm going to buy enlarged prints of your photos and hang them up all over my house.

    Lily has slimmed down a bit since we switched their food to this organic grain free hippie bullshit expensive indoor weight formula. Poor spiderman is subjected to the same food but they seem to like it well enough.

    I love you and miss you! xoxo

  2. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Love these silvery flowers! It's like something out of a dream, washed in moonbeams...

    I have to pick my new Impossible Film up from the post office tomorrow. I'm SO excited!!!


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