Thursday, August 12

Instant film love.

Red roses, blue sky.

This week is pretty much kicking my ass. In a good way, but boy am I tired! And after two weeks of being pretty intensely focused, I am completely unfocused this week. But that's okay, I am sure I will snap out of it soon enough. Or maybe I just needed to slow down on some things this week.

I'm really excited about the PX70 Color Shade from The Impossible Project. I will post my shots as soon as I get them scanned which hopefully will happen this evening. In the meantime, there are many shots to peruse in the Flickr pool.

Some of my favorites are this one, this one, this one, this one and this one. Oh and this one and this one too!

And a couple of ATZ shots, here and here.

There are always so many fantastic photos on Flickr. I love it.

And now I must go pull weeds. Again.

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