Saturday, August 28

Over the years.

September 1970
Here I am as a newborn with my family in September 1970.

c. 1975
circa 1975 - when vacuuming was still fun?

Taken in 1980, probably early in the year before I turned 10. I'm sitting in my bedroom closet. That's our cat Tigger in the toy box.

5th grade class.
5th grade class, 1980-1981. Which one am I?

Sometime in 1981, probably the summer before I started 6th grade. I am guessing that I am holding my glasses behind my back.

Summer of 1990 just before I turned 20. I'm holding my eldest niece, Alexandra.

With Alexandra again, this time in the summer of 1991 after returning for Dead tour.

Early 1997 in Cape May, NJ.

Since I started blogging in 2000 and posted pictures from my fourth decade last year, I'll stop with the reminiscing now!

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