Tuesday, November 4

Our defense last night was stellar.

I have to admit, that even though I didn't put too much in the NFL stat posted yesterday, I did breathe an extra sigh of relief when the Steelers won last night.

And just so you don't think I am nuts, the stat was mentioned in the Washington Post as well. [Link swiped from dangerousmeta.]

When the Redskins win their final home game before the presidential election, the incumbent party stays in office. When the Redskins lose their final home game before the election the incumbent party loses, except in 2004. Pretty simple, right? Steve Hirdt of the Elias Sports Bureau discovered it's happened precisely that way 16 of 17 times since 1940. Anything close to that exact is more than a trend and is certainly politically unbiased.

We can presume that Steelers in a romp means Obama in a landslide. You don't want to argue with numbers that overwhelming, do you? "Congratulations, Barack," Leftwich said, smiling and revealing his own preference.

When last night's game started off with a failed onside kick by the Steelers, my heart sank. And then when Ben threw an interception on the next drive, it sank again. The Redskins scored two field goals in the first 4 minutes of the game. And our offense looked totally weak. But man oh man, watching the defense play was incredible. They were ON. Big time. Seven sacks. Awesome pass coverage. They brought the Redskins offense to a complete halt. After the initial six point lead, the Redskins never scored again. It's no wonder that our defense is rated number one in the league.

Our offense, on the other hand, looked like crap until Leftwich replaced Big Ben in the second half. Leftwich! I am so not a fan of Leftwich. I never liked him when he was QB for the Jags and I wasn't thrilled when he became our back-up QB. But he got it going last night and I have to say, I'm warming up to him! (Thank god we don't have Brad Johnson!) If Ben ends up having to sit out a game, I think we'll be okay. And frankly, much as I love Big Ben, when he plays with an injury, his performance is usually sub-par and really only hurts the team.

Now that I've lost my entire audience with the football talk, I'll also mention that the polling stations don't seem to be overly crowded today. Ours is one block down the way and while I've seen people coming and going, there don't appear to be any lines. This doesn't mean people aren't voting, just that lots of us voted early!

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