Wednesday, November 19

It's been unusually warm here.

So much so that it is hard to believe that we're more than halfway through November and Thanksgiving Day is next week! The warmer temperatures outside are nice, but sadly, it is still freezing inside. The past few days it has been warmer outside during the day than it is inside the house. It's kind of crazy. Today I sat on the front porch in the sun while I worked on some knitting. It made me extraordinarily sleepy for some reason.

Late this afternoon we took the kitties to the vet for their shots. They were less than thrilled as you can imagine. Nothing to report which is excellent. They are healthy and robust.

I *finally* finished a scarf that I have been working on since Hector was a pup and it feels so good. I'll post some pics tomorrow if I can take some decent ones. I find that I do not excel at taking pictures of my craft projects.

Hope you all are well. More soon.

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